A Guide to BYO Wedding Alcohol

Cheers to a Well-Stocked Celebration

Planning a BYO (Bring Your Own) wedding has its unique charms, but for couples looking to simplify the process, providing the alcohol themselves can be a game-changer. Taking the reins on libations ensures a seamless celebration while allowing you to maintain control over the beverage offerings. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the quantities of alcohol to purchase and supply for your guests.

1. Guest Count:

Begin by creating your guest list, estimating the number of attendees. As an overall guide, plan for two drinks per guests in the first hour and one drink per hour after that as a baseline. This estimate accommodates various drinking habits, ensuring you have enough to keep the celebration flowing.

2. Diverse Selections:

Curate a well-rounded selection by offering a mix of beverages. Include options like beer, wine, and a selection of spirits to cater to different taste preferences.

3. Beer:

  • For beer, calculate approximately 2-3 beers per guest for the first hour and adjust to 1-2 beers for every subsequent hour.

4. Wine:

  • Estimate around half a bottle of wine per guest for each hour, adjusting based on your knowledge of your guests’ preferences.

5. Spirits:

  • If your venue allows it then plan for one bottle per ten guests for each type of liquor. Common choices include vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin. Don’t forget mixers and garnishes! At The Peacock Estate, BYO of straight spirits is not permitted but we stock a wide range of spirits on the bar that your guests can purchase or you can run a tab for.

6. Non-Alcoholic Options:

  • Ensure you have a generous supply of non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, sodas, and juices. Plan for at least one non-alcoholic option per guest per hour.

7. Special Toasts:

  • If you’re planning a special toast, factor in an additional bottle of champagne or sparkling wine for every 10-15 guests.

8. Seasonal Considerations:

  • Tailor your selection to the season and time of day. Warm-weather weddings might call for more refreshing options, while colder seasons could see a higher demand for red wine and warm cocktails.

9. Be Prepared with a Buffer:

  • It’s always a good idea to have a little extra. Unexpected guests or an exceptionally festive crowd might increase consumption, so having a buffer ensures you won’t run out.

By taking charge of the alcohol for your BYO wedding, you’re streamlining the planning process and guaranteeing a stress-free celebration. Tailor these recommendations to match your vision, ensuring that the libations complement the atmosphere you want to create. Here’s to a joyous and well-provisioned wedding day! Want to find out more about BYO weddings at The Peacock Estate – click here.